Assisted Living Facilities

The Assisted Living Facility Team of McIntire Commercial (“MC”) has become a trusted advisor to its clients due to the extensive amount of knowledge and experience in the Assisted Living Facilities market. With a thorough understanding of the valuation process, our Assisted Living Facilities Team is positioned to provide all buyers and sellers with timely information as to whether an asset truly is performing or if the numbers have been inflated. Additionally, we work with each Seller throughout the listing and sales process by providing them pin point accuracy on what their property is worth in the current market and what the best avenue is to secure that sales price.

It is often seen in the Assisted Living Facilities sector, financial numbers are based on projections and true ‘As-Is’ current values are not realized. As a result, a general sense of frustration occurs during the buying and/or selling process. Therefore, our Assisted Living Facilities team works diligently with each client to provide current market conditions in order to provide a realistic view of each property.


When working with Assisted Living Facilities buyers, our goal is to aggressively work for our client to analyze the local market, secure the rent roll, and analyze the financials in order to provide a true realistic view of the asset. In order to truly understand a multi-family property our team thoroughly reviews the following:

  • Asset Price
  • As-Is Valuation
  • Capitalization Rate (“CAP Rate”)
  • Financial Analysis
  • Rent Roll
  • Tenant History
  • Tenant Payment History
  • Delinquencies
  • Evictions
  • Deposit Records
  • Market Analysis
  • Location Analysis
  • Repair Analysis
  • Vendor Reports
  • List of Vendors
  • Pending Repair Analysis
  • Insurance Review
  • And much more…


When working with Sellers, we take a similar approach as we do with our Buyers, but we also understand that as a Seller, you are looking to get a top dollar valuation for your property. Therefore, we work closely with each Seller in organizing and preparing all the necessary documentation needed to secure an interested Buyer. We often experience Seller’s and Seller Agent’s not truly prepared with the correct documentation in order for a qualified Buyer to act quickly and make an informed decision. With early preparation and our complete due diligence performed up front, transaction move much faster and Seller’s get higher prices for their properties. Our team works with each Seller to package the following:

  • Comparable Sales Analysis
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Demographic Report
  • Financial Statements
  • Rent Roll
  • Maintenance Log
  • Property History
  • Budgeting Reports
  • Vendor Logs
  • Vacancy Reports
  • And much more…

MC’s entire commercial division, which includes Retail, Office, Industrial, Multi-Family, and Investments, has grown substantially. Our team is positioned to serve each client’s real estate needs throughout Southern California and across every the different asset classes.  Contact us today to discuss the opportunity to grow your Assisted Living Facilities portfolio.