Multi-Family & Apartments

McIntire Commercial (“MC”) works within the multi-family and apartment buildings industry on a daily basis. As with all property owners, MC works with entities, companies,and individuals in a wide variety of customized management services. We believe that good service begins with the delivery and management of timely and relevant information along with developing a solid forward thinking strategy.

Our experienced team works fast and professionally for our clients who are looking to maintain and/or build their apartment portfolio. We understand that this can be one of your largest assets and we work hard to assist you in making these assets your most profitable by increasing rents regularly and securing strong tenants. Further, our team works to understand your existing and future needs in order to assist in maximizing your portfolio.  MC has built alliances with all types of vendors in order to provide each property with the best maintenance available. Furthermore, we work closely with all properties by providing the following:

  • Familiar with AIR, CAR, and AOA Forms and Addendums
  • Perform Financial Analysis
  • Analyze Existing Monthly Statements
  • Review Rent Rolls
  • Research Tenant History
  • Evaluate Tenant Payment History
  • Analyze Delinquencies
  • Study Deposit Records
  • Perform a Market Analysis
  • Perform a Location Analysis
  • Put together a Repair Analysis
  • Request and/or Review Vendor Reports
  • Source new qualified vendors as needed
  • Pending Repair Analysis
  • Insurance Review
  • And much more…

* This is a huge benefit for property owners as it provides an individual statement for the specific property and helps streamline any future sale of the property. Additionally, we have special arrangements with our bank to have these accounts set up and processed in an expedited fashion.