Our Company

McIntire Commercial (“MC”) is a specialized division under McIntire Real Estate that focuses on the commercial real estate market.  MC, one of the premier provider of commercial real estate services in Los Angeles has built the division by delivering tangible results through our commitment of providing superior services and innovative processes to each client.  MC is firmly committed to helping our clients accomplish their business goals while increasing the value they obtain from their real estate. Our vast knowledge and market expertise provides clients with unmatched guidance in developing and structuring unique real estate solutions.

If you are in the market to buy, sell, or lease a commercial property then you already know that successfully closing a commercial deal can be a daunting task if you don’t have the right team assisting you along the way.  MC works hard to provide each of our client’s with support during the entire transaction process In order to successfully facilitate each deal.  MC works in unison with all third (3rd) parties involved in the transaction, ensuring all parties in the deal have the proper disclosures and documentation to keep the deal moving forward.

Further, if you are a buyer, seller, or lessee, MC will continue to be a valuable resource long after you sign the closing documents.  Strategizing does not stop once the deal is completed and our team continues to work with each client to ensure that they are maximizing their real estate goals and getting the most value for their dollars.

MC has proven to be a valuable resource to our clients. In fact, many questions arise for buyers and sellers long after a real estate transaction has been completed, and MC is qualified and eager to assist you wherever possible, including future real estate transactions.  MC goes hand-in-hand with any real estate transaction, making sure the proper forms are filled out correctly and on time.  MC has access to industry specific web sites and multiple listing services, as well as market reports detailing crucial data, such as pricing trends, market trends, and historical sales activity throughout each city.  Furthermore, MC provides a broad market knowledge when it comes to providing details regarding where to obtain information, permits, zoning, city planning, and more.

MC can assist with the critical negotiations included in every real estate transaction, and help all buyers, sellers, and owners finalize the many details involved in the transaction.  Our team also assists each client throughout the due-diligence and inspection process.  To learn more about each specific asset class, visit their pages accordingly.  You can also contact us at info@mcintireRE.com to inquire about our services.